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"Leave A Legacy Of Color"

Thank you for any donation you make to the Painted Trees of Hawaii Foundation. All proceeds to go creating awareness about these trees through our PTH National Art Exhibit, events at schools, libraries and colleges. Our main goal: To plant these trees and leave a legacy to future generations to enjoy.

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The Story...

Over the course of the past several months, photographer Kelly Dunn has returned time and again to the Big Island of Hawaii, camera in hand, preserving in time the unique painted trees of Hawaii.  The eucalyptus trees, particular to the Aloha State, reveal a stunning palette, as they naturally shed their bark.  No two trees share the same vibrant color pattern, and a stand of these island eucalyptus create a living rainbow.

While the iconic images will live forever, thanks to the creative eye of Mr. Dunn, a surprisingly deep appreciation of the beauty he witnessed transpired, calling upon Kelly to preserve the very trees themselves.  Moved into action, Kelly has joined the promotion of the Painted Trees of Hawaii Foundation.

In  the past few decades, a good many of the trees have been cut down.  For a variety of reason, property development among them, the ever-decreasing population of the painted trees has raised some concern.  Mr Dunn felt something needed to be done to increase awareness and preserve these beautiful symbols of mother nature’s grandeur, or risk losing them altogether.  Enter the foundation.

An Eye and A Heart for Natural Beauty

The Painted Trees of Hawaii Foundation was started as an effort to promote recognition and an appreciation of these natural beauties.  Kelly Dunn plans a lecture tour, as well as a series of gallery shows of his collection of images, and many fundraisers.  As the self-appointed steward of the painted trees of Hawaii, Kelly is leading the charge to increase the population of Painted Eucalyptus by setting aside an acre of his island property for the sole purpose of propagation of the species. 

Kelly’s personal property is located in the ideal environment for these seedlings to thrive. At the southern tip of the Hawaiian Islands, Kelly’s property will serve as a forest one day, as well as a nursery for tree seedlings which will be donated to landowners on the Big Island.  Confident in the growing conditions and location of his property, Kelly Dunn is hopeful that other landowners will be encouraged to do likewise, and preserve the painted trees of Hawaii.

Our Shared Responsibility

For those who have experienced first-hand the natural beauty of the pink-sand beaches, hiked to Diamond Head, or simply sat in the stillness  Pikake-scented breezes enchant, Hawaii is a part of your soul.  These treasures, as well as the painted trees of Hawaii, are deeply rooted in the heritage of the islands. Like Kelly, you probably feel a sense of duty to preserve these treasures for millennia. 

For those who've yet to visit the Aloha state firsthand, you realize the intrinsic connection the painted trees of Hawaii have to every living thing.  We are all stewards, called upon to safeguard the natural mosaic of our world, so that generations from now, our descendants will look back and say “well done”, as they, too, experience the beauty and wonder of nature at her finest. 

For, as noted conservationist, and founder of the Sierra Club once stated,
“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

What Can You Do?

In order that future generations may come to admire-and cherish-the impressive natural beauty of Hawaii’s painted eucalyptus, Kelly Dunn is encouraging others to get involved.  The need to “get the word out” is great.  Through education and continued proliferation of the seedlings, saving the painted trees of Hawaii is possible. 

For those who are interested in becoming involved, contact Kelly at (877) 888-6111.  If you would like to make a donation and plant a seedling in your name, there are details on the website.  No act is too small, and your generosity will come back to you for generations to come. As Kelly Dunn reminds us, “The seeds we plant today will provide shade and beauty for many future generations.”.

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